Local and Remote Backups

As you know, the need to backup your data in this computerized world we live in is critical. We process more and more data, want it instantly accessible and can lose it in an instant. There are many methods of backing up data. Until recently, they all had drawbacks.

The best solution for data backup is no longer tapes. RemoteSecure BackUp is now available! Over the years our clients have spent considerable dollars buying and maintaining tape drives. As an alternative A+ Computers have partnered with the premier provider of RemoteSecure BackUps. We have spent considerable time and expense implementing a superior data backup method. It is faster, less expensive and instantly off-site, therefore meeting Disaster Recovery requirements that conventional tape drives don't.

There are many different ways to back-up computers. RemoteSecure Backup is the best. Some of its highlights are:
  • Unlimited Capacity - As your backup needs grow, there is no need to upgrade anything
  • Fully Automated - You don't even need to remember to take the tape offsite!
  • VERY Cost effective - ask us for a quote
  • It Works - Backups work every night with very few errors compared to tape drives
  • Secure - The most secure way to backup your data remotely
  • Restores - You can restore back any time you like - 7/24
Give us a call and we can help you with your data backup needs.

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