"A+ Computers helped us by providing a view to our longer term networking and connectivity goals"

A Local Area Network (LAN):
When you network computers in one location you form a "LAN". There are many different components to a network but basically each workstation needs a network card. Each workstation then is connected to a "Router". A Router provides three functions:
1) Computer connectivity for File and Printer Sharing.
2) Internet Sharing. This is so that everyone on a network can be browsing the web and sending/receiving emails at the same time on one Internet Connection.
3) Firewall. As you know there are ways of "hacking" into computers over Internet Connections. You need a Firewall to try to eliminate these intrusions.

A Wide Area Network (WAN):
When you have your business in more than one location you may need a LAN Extension or a WAN. Technically we can make all of your locations look like they are under one roof. Whether it is file and printer sharing or email domains when you grow to multiple locations your business is not hampered by technology.

Network Cabling:
Network cabling should be done by people that specialize in that area. A poor network cable connection can cause slow network traffic and even corrupt data.

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